Little People

Hi! My name is Cara and I have been staying with Grandma Ros and Grandad Colin at Highfields Manor. In between Home Schooling we have had so much fun!

And you will too! Just take a look at these photos of my sister, Suranne and I. The grounds are huge and safe, so don’t forget to bring your favourite outdoor toys and bikes. Table Tennis is my favourite, but the Dads will probably want to take it over, so you might have to stand your ground!


If it rains, or you just want a place to chill-out, our new KIDSZONE is the place to be! The sofas are huge so room for all the smaller people here with you. The T.V has an input for a Wii and playstation , so bring those too. We have lots of board games.


The smallest people will love the sand-pit and swings and the pool is just great! Bring your favourite pool toys! 

The projector and screen in West Wing is great for those too and another place to escape the adults! They tend to spend a lot of time chatting in the kitchen, often with a glass of wine or beer! We love playing Hide and Seek in the garden and in both houses, so lots to do.


Suranne likes the cows and sheep over the fence and sometimes we walk across the fields to Belton.


Whatever you do, you’ll have a great time here!

See you soon.


Little Peoples’ Guest Relation Manager.